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Me contacter

Par aza, le

Si vous voulez m’envoyer une déclaration d’amour ou une réclamation c’est ici que ça se passe <3

A quick word in english :
Dear musicians/manager, I try to promote japanese music in France. If you have some good music, you can share it with me :) If I like it, I’ll probably talk about your music on my blog.
I use youtube video and promotional picture. I don’t share illegal mp3/album/video… But I could have make some mistake. If you want me to delete a picture or a video, you can use the form below. Sorry, I don’t speak japanese:

Votre nom (obligatoire) / Your name

Votre email (obligatoire) / Your email

Sujet / Subject

Votre message / Your message

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  1. I am Interested please reach me at +33826963520

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